Medicine Hat’s First Choice for Premium Synthetic Turf

Experience a Greener World with STI Medicine Hat

Synthetic Turf Medicine Hat is a certified dealer of SoftLawn® by Synthetic Turf International. We provide and install a wide-range of premium synthetic grass to meet your every need, including lawn and landscapes, putting greens, playgrounds, pet areas and sports fields. If we don’t have a product that meets your exact needs, we have the capabilities to design a turf to match your required specs. We stand behind our products and offer our customers the expertise needed to make important decisions. Who we are extends far beyond our products though, with annual national training sessions we are always using the best techniques for each of our products, because we know each yarn reacts differently to different methods.

Setting a New Standard for Synthetic Turf in Medicine Hat

Synthetic Turf International leads the way in premium artificial turf manufacturing and soft lawn installation.  Here is a video on our new backing machine – the newest and most advanced urethane coater in the industry SilverBack.

STI also manufactures a wide range of high-calibre synthetic turf, utilizing yarns from industry leaders Tencate and Radici for the ultimate performance and longevity of our synthetic turf. With our ISO 9001 certification, 3rd party auditing assures our products meet the standards we set and advertise.  This ensures consistency; meaning this ensures that our manufacturing bed knives are sharpened weekly, the purity in our urethane backing is true, the face weight in our products reflect the actual weight listed and much more.  With our technology and expertise in artificial grass, we lead the way in: constructing artificial putting turfs, supplying synthetic driving range materials, creating state of the art landscape opportunities, building safer, more dependable playgrounds, and engineering indoor sports complexes. Anything you can imagine with synthetic turf, we can manufacture! We stand behind our products 100 percent, and provide our customers the most extensive support in the industry.

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